Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cooking from scratch

I recently discovered two HUGE zucchini on the plant in my garden. My husband didn't pick any while I was out of town for a week, so these two just grew like mad! They must weigh at least 5-7 pounds a piece.

I grated one and froze the zucchini for future loaves of zucchini bread, vegetable soup and to give to friends for their recipes. I know I will appreciate my efforts especially once winter has set in for good.

I cut the other in half, and then cut those halves lengthwise. I combined the scoooped-out zucchini with sausage, tomato sauce, garlic, cheese, and a brown rice/barley mixture from Trader Joe's. They look amazingly good. Can't wait to try them when they come out of the oven.

I don't know what it is about cooking hearty meals from scratch (especially with ingredients I grew in my own garden), but it's like I am nourishing my family from the inside out. I make my own jam with berries I grow and pick. I made my own fruit leather this year, and will can peaches in a few weeks. After that, it is my legendary homemade applesauce. Sometimes I wonder if I should go into business and start selling my wares!! There is just no substitute for quality food. Store-bought is great....convienent and easy, but the homemade stuff just tastes better.

Gotta go....dinner is ready~ Yum.

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